As a new business owner I know that I am in good hands with Mitchell Consulting Services. Michelle is professional, supportive, and available to answer any questions I have concerning my QuickBooks Account. She has been instrumental in evolving my business from just a dream to a profitable reality. Her investment in me has been critical to my success. I would highly recommend Michelle at Mitchell Consulting Services for your business needs and online support.
Angela Szewczyk
I first met Michelle when I was taking her Quickbooks training course.  I was excited to be venturing into starting my own business, but knew that I needed help with accounting and bookeeping.  After her great training, I thought I could do it on my own, but quickly realized that I was in need of further training and assistance.  I contacted Michelle, and she was fantastic at meeting with me at a time that was convenient for my schedule.  Once I engaged her regular services, I was able to relax a bit knowing that she would be looking over everything in the "backroom" of the office to ensure that it was done accurately.  Her calm demeanor and professional competence did a great deal to ease my anxiety and frustration so that I could focus on generating more business.
Attorney Totten
I met with my CPA today and they said I had a super book keeper, so I want say to you good job and thank you.  You gave me a peace of mind and hope.
Craig Gothard
I have been very happy with your past services.  Thank you for them.
T. Rossi